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Acknowledged by pop heavyweights such as Mike Posner, DNCE, Bebe Rexha, Marc E. Bassy, Vice, Sandro Cavazza, Justin Jesso, Demi Lovato and the Chainsmokers, as well as the radio station Classic FM (UK), Glamour (Magazine), The Strad (Magazine), The Violin Channel (Classical Music News Source) and the entertainment & media company Lionsgate, JHMJams delivers short casual pop and jazz covers every Tuesdays and Fridays on Instagram (@kkubota8).

Initially gaining attention with his unique approach of plucking and strumming the cello like a guitar, Ken Kubota founded JHMJams as a way to explore and share his passions aside from his classical training at Juilliard.

All the covers are arranged, learned, rehearsed and recorded in about 1-2 hours by ear from the moment they meet. The jams are meant to capture the joy and fun nature of casual music-making with friends. Ken seeks to step away from the unrealistic “perfect” and “flawless” norms of the highly produced content that saturates the music scene, and deliver something real and natural in a live setting.

As he creates this online community ensemble, he hopes to make classical musicians more accessible to the general public, and also pop music more accessible to classical musicians. JHMJams does not have a set instrumentation or members as Ken values the collaboration with his diverse and talented friends and colleagues, as well as his fans.

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