Ken James Kubota


Performer | Teacher | Founder & Producer of JHMJams



JHMJams delivers casual pop and jazz covers from classical and jazz trained musicians every Tuesday and Friday on Instagram (@kkubota8) and YouTube (JHMJams).

JHM Jams has had the honor of being covered and acknowledged by Classic FM, Glamour, The Strad, The Violin Channel, Royal Academy of Music, and the entertainment & media company Lionsgate. National Sawdust Log has profiled the series, calling JHM an “online powerhouse.”

Thanks to our viewers, we’ve also been acknowledged by pop heavyweights such as Demi Lovato, Mike Posner, DNCE, Bebe Rexha, AJR, Marc E. Bassy, Vice, Sandro Cavazza, Justin Jesso, Elley Duhé, Carlie Hanson, Alan Walker, Charlie Puth and the Chainsmokers.

JHM has taken the band live, performing at 12th Annual Japan Day at Central Park, NYC’s classical radio station, WQXR, and even at weddings! JHM Jams is also the official band of nationally recognized real estate broker Kimberly Hastie at Halstead.

While I initially gained some attention for my unique approach of plucking and strumming the cello like a guitar, I founded JHMJams as a way to explore and share my passion for music outside of the classical training I received at Juilliard.

All the covers are arranged, learned, rehearsed and recorded in a single session by ear. JHM captures the joy and magic of jamming out with friends, but also putting out an artistic product that’s unique, catchy, and addictive. Classical music’s aesthetic is overly perfectionist—I’m happy to give great musicians an avenue to channel their abilities into letting loose, taking chances, and being expressive over being flawless.

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